About Us

     According to available records, the Church of Christ was established in Moulton as early as 1826. A preacher named B.F. Hall from Kentucky first preached here at that time and very likely found those of like minds already here. Therefore we are the second oldest congregation in Alabama that grew out of the early 19th Century appeal for religious organizations to return to the Bible alone as a rule of faith & practice.

     The church was first called Moulton Christian Church & retained that name until shortly after 1900. Although it has always been located in downtown Moulton, this is our 3rd location in our almost 200 year history. There was even a time when the church met in the Lawrence County Courthouse.

     We have hosted numerous men who were or became quite well known as preachers, writers, & educators. The present educational wing was built in 1950 & replaced a wooden structure from about 1925. The present auditorium was completed in 1970 with the Fellowship Hall added about 20 years later. Our church family has remained strong during our entire existence, endeavoring to help each other as well as others, always striving to spread the Gospel of Christ.

Office Hours

Mon. - Fri.  8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Schedule of Services



    Bible Class         9:30 am

    Worship           10:25 am

    Evening              6:00 pm



    Devotional         6:30 pm

    Bible Class         6:45 pm




Office Ph: 256-974-1236

Email: contact@MoultonChurchofChrist.org


Keith Balch

Jack Burch

Scotty Evans

Teddy White



Brad McNutt - pulpit

Ryan Bowerman - youth



Randy Bowerman          Fellowship

Ryan Bowerman            Family Ministry

Bobby Burch                  Audio/Visual

Jackie Burch                   Financial

Jason Evans                    Facilities

Hillard Frost                  Lord's Table Assignments

Lance Hopper               Fellowship

Franklin Terry               Prison Ministry

Keith Vinson                 SafetySecurity